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Vibravision is one of the disciplines of Merpati Putih (MP) – a martial art developed by the Royal Family of Indonesia dating back hundreds of years. MP was known only by the Royal Family, their guards, and the army. They fought opposing forces at night using Vibravision to ‘see’ in the dark.

In 1963, Saring Hadi Poernomo, Mas Budi, and Mas Pung released MP to the Indonesian people. On January 1st, 2000, Nate and Mike Zeleznick became the first officially recognized American MP members. They subsequently learned the Vibravision technique and began training students in the US in November of 2014.

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Origins of Merpati Putih Martial Art

As practiced and passed down from generation to generation by the Royal Family of Indonesia





King Prabu Amangkurat

Developed energy and meditation aspects.

First Generation

BPH. Adiwidjojo

Son of King Prabu Amangkurat.

Second Generation

PH. Singosari

Son of BPH. Adiwidjojo.

Third Generation

R. Nyi Ageng Djojoredjoso

Princess and great grand-daughter of King Prabu Amangkurat.
Developed the movement and combat of MP.

Fourth Generation

R. Gagak Handoko

Son of R. Nyi Ageng Djojoredjoso.
Received the knowledge of martial arts, inner power, and meditation.
The rest of the MP line is descended from him.

R. Gagak Samodro

Son of R. Nyi Ageng Djojoredjoso.
Received the knowledge of internal/herbal medicine.

R. Gagak Seto

Son of R. Nyi Ageng Djojoredjoso.
Received the knowledge of politics and art.

Fifth Generation

RM. Rekso Widjojo

Son of R. Gagak Handoko.

Sixth Generation

R. Bongso Djojo

Son of RM. Rekso Widjojo.

Seventh Generation

DJO. Premono

Son of R. Bongso Djojo.

Eighth Generation

RM. Wongso Djojo

Son of DJO. Premono.

Ninth Generation

Kromo Menggolo

Son of RM. Wongso Djojo.

Tenth Generation

Saring Hadipoernomo

Royal Heir of Kromo Menggolo.

Eleventh Generation

Poerwoto Hadi Poernomo
(Mas Pung)

Oldest son of Saring Hadipoernomo.

Budi Santoso Hadi Poernomo
(Mas Budi)

Third son of Saring Hadi Poernomo

Twelfth Generation

Nehemia Budi Setyawan
(Mas Hemi)

Son of Mas Budi.

Amos Priyono Tri Nugroho
(Mas Amos)

Son of Mas Pung.

The History of Vibravision in America


Five Merpati Putih (MP) members began training in Vibravision in East Jakarta with Mas Budi Santoso Hadipoernomo (known simply as Mas Budi), one of two 11th-Generation royal heirs to the MP knowledge.


The first blind people (around ten of them) began training in Jakarta by Mas Budi. Every day he picked every student up, trained them, and drove them back home. He was also developing Vibravision training in Yogkyakarta (central Java) and Malang (East Java).


Twenty-five of the Kopassus – Indonesia's most elite commando paratroopers – began training in Vibravision with Mas Budi. Since then, it has become a standard practice for certain Kopassus teams.


Nate Zeleznick contacted the Yayasan Saring Hadipoernomo (Saring Hadipoernomo Foundation) in Jakarta about the usefulness of Vibravision in training blind people. He became the foundation's contact in America and began arranging the first-ever demonstration of Vibravision in the U in America.


Nate and Mike Zeleznick arranged for several Vibravision specialists and trainers (2 of whom were blind) to come to Utah with Mas Haryadi Sulaiman, a Vibravision specialist and MP trainer for both the Kopassus and Indonesian Army. The team demonstrated Vibravision for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and gave another demonstration at Weber State University, which was covered by Channel 4, Channel 5, and Channel 13. Nate traveled to Washington D.C. with the Vibravision team to give a demonstration in the Indonesian Embassy for Indonesian Ambassador Dorodjatun, the Embassy staff, and the public. After the demonstration team returned to Indonesia, Nate and Mike began training in Utah as the first-ever non-Indonesians to lean MP. Dr. Heru Hendarto, MD – a former MP trainer of the Indonesian Special Forces – was charged with their training.

August, 1999

After an accelerated and intensive three-month training regimen, Nate and Mike were tested and became the first officially recognized American MP members on January 1, 2000. They continued their relentless training schedule through spring and summer.

December, 1999

Nate and Mike arranged to have the two 11th-generation royal heirs to MP and a team of Vibravision practitioners (only one of whom was blind) to come to Utah. They were tested and initiated as MP trainers and were given permission to open MP training to westerners. A demonstration was held for some of the top Ophthalmologists in the country at the Moran Eye Center at the U of U hospital in Salt Lake City. They monitored the Vibravision practitioners closely and were very impressed.

September, 2000

Mas Haryadi Sulaiman returned and, along with Dr. Hendarto, tested Nate and Mike for their next rank. They then spent several days learning Mas Haryadi's Vibravision Curriculum.


Nate, Mike, and 13 students traveled to Indonesia. Nate and Mike were tested in Yogkyakarta, Central Java, and both attained Senior Trainer rank. The MP-USA team traveled throughout Indonesia demonstrating, training, and sight-seeing. They visited a Merpati Pituh training center for blind people and were treated to Vibravision demonstrations which included shooting guns at targets, avoiding obstacles, identifying colors. Mike almost lost a game of pool against a blindfolded practitioner and one member demonstrated Vibravision behind his back.

May, 2005

Nate and Mike returned to Indonesia to test for the next rank. They took another team of American Merpati Pituh members with them. The team traveled, demonstrated, and trained, and then Mike and the team returned home.

February, 2007

After 57 straight days renovating their new school location in Ogden, Utah, Mike traveled to Jakarta and lived with the last remaining 11th-generation royal heir to MP, Mas Pung, for 6 months. He lived in Jakarta but traveled all over the country learning from Mas Pung, the two 12th-Generation heirs, Nehemia Budi Setyawan (Mas Hemi) and Amos Priyono Tri Nugroho (Mas Amos), and the most elite Vibravision trainers in the MP system. After compiling the VV training methods of these masters, he combined the most effective exercises and training methods into the VV curriculum used at MP-USA.

January, 2013

The Vibravision Jedi Academy is opened to some of their senior students and some of the more advanced child students.

November, 2014

Members of MP-USA performed the first in-school demonstration of Vibravision .

March, 2015

A second in-school demonstration is given.

September, 2015

A third in-school demonstration is given.

March, 2016

The first public Vibravision demonstration is performed at the Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Expo in Ogden, Utah.

May, 2016

A group from MP-USA performed an in-school demonstration for professionals including two representatives from the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

September, 2016

Dave Byington gave a Vibravision demonstration to Dr. Jonathan Boster, OD and his staff of opticians at Standard Optical in South Ogden, Utah. Dave was given two visual acuity tests by Dr. Boster who determined he had 20/40 Vibravision . This was the first time that Vibravision has ever been evaluated by a Doctor of Optometry in America!

November 17, 2016

Dave Byington, accompanied by his son Colton, demonstrated Vibravision for Dr. Andy Rockwood, OD at Rockwood Optical in North Ogden, Utah.

November 21, 2016

We will begin offering this training in early 2017 for sighted people, with training programs for blind people coming soon.

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