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motivating blind students to reach their goals

How The Vibravision Foundation is Motivating Blind Students to Reach Their Goals!

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If you are a frequent reader of the Vibravision Blog, the name Mike Armstrong probably sounds familiar. Since June 2017, Mike has participated in several weekly and weekend Vibravision immersion classes to develop his abilities to navigate his environment without the use of sight. Now, he is applying for an award to fund his Vibravision training to compete in a triathlon without the use of assistive technology or help. Below, we will look at how the Vibravision Foundation is motivating blind students to reach their goals.

Who Is Mike Armstrong?

motivating blind students to reach their goalsResiding in Arizona, Mike has been totally blind for 20 years. He’s traveled up to our studio in Utah many times now to participate in immersion retreats that we provide for the visually impaired thanks to funding from the Vibravision Foundation.

Vibravision – a skill within Merpati Putih that teaches people of all abilities to improve their orientation and mobility without using their eyes – is offered to children and adults who cannot see. The money raised by the non-profit Vibravision Foundation helps pay for this. The Foundation simply wants to help the blind see the world with “new eyes.”

Mike was involved in the very first Vibravision Immersion Retreat. In both Kyokushinkai karate and Aikijujutsu, he is a high-ranking black belt, and he also owns Blind Tiger Martial Arts Academy. It’s almost as if there is nothing Mike can’t do. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, appeared on the cover of USA Today, and is a drummer in two bands. He’s truly an inspiration for everyone.

What Is the Holman Prize?

motivating blind students to reach their goalsRecently, Mike applied for the Holman Prize so that he can train full-time to become the first blind person to compete in a triathlon using the non-visual Vibravision skills. Each year, the Holman Prize funds three ambitious blind people from across the world as they work on challenging projects. Each award winner receives $25,000 to fund their project.

The prize is named after James Holman, who lived from 1786 to 1857. He was the first blind person to circumnavigate the globe. And, prior to the invention of modern transportation, he was the most prolific sighted or unsighted traveler in history. Inspired by Holman’s life, LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a San Francisco-based organization founded in 1902, launched the Holman Prize last year.

What Can You Do To Help?

motivating blind students to reach their goalsThe first step in the application process for the Holman Prize is submitting a 90-second YouTube pitch. Based on these videos, the award panelists will select the semifinalists at the end of February. The applicant with the most likes or thumbs-up on their YouTube video will automatically earn a spot as a finalist. Therefore, if you are inspired by Mike Armstrong’s story and want to help him achieve his goal of completing a triathlon, please check out his YouTube application for the Holman Prize and help him earn the People’s Choice award by giving it a thumbs up!

If our stories of how the Vibravision Foundation is motivating blind students to reach their goals has you wondering how you can help others learn Vibravision, we recommend checking out our blog on this specific topic. The Foundation is always open to accepting direct general donations. The money might then be split up among several individuals in need of funding depending on how many scholarship applicants there are. You can also start a crowdfunding page through the Foundation’s site. It takes less than five minutes and attracts more donors.

Vibravision is doing great things for blind and visually-impaired individuals in Northern Utah and beyond. And, we are just getting started. If you would like to learn more, please contact us!

motivating blind students to reach their goals

Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah

Check Out Our Vibravision Videos in Ogden Utah!

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What if you could see without your eyes? What if you could navigate dark rooms without the use of light? Imagine blind individuals being able to confidently navigate their surroundings without the use of a cane or trained dog. All of these scenarios are possible with Vibravision. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah.

Welcome to the World of Vibravision

Vibravision videos in Ogden UtahIn the 1960s, the Indonesian royal family gave the secret martial art of Merpati Putih to the Indonesian people. Vibravision comes from Merpati Putih. For decades, the blind people of Indonesia have used Vibravision to improve their mobility and orientation. Additionally, Kopassus, which is the elite military special forces in Indonesia, uses Vibravision instead of night vision equipment. Vibravision can potentially revolutionize human consciousness and open up a whole new world to blind individuals.

This video introduces you to how Vibravision helps you train your mind to do the “impossible”: seeing without your eyes. Instead of using your eyesight, you use mindsight. There are also several medical professionals, including optometrists and medical doctors, who validate the efficacy of the program. And, you can hear firsthand from blind people who have been helped by Vibravision. It’s particularly neat to see someone read a book without using their eyes.

It’s clear from the video that Vibravision allows you to see the world in a whole new way that goes beyond the five senses:

The Vibravision Foundation’s Immersion Retreat

In June, we had the opportunity to host Mike Armstrong. Mike is a blind person who lives in Arizona. He traveled up to Utah just to take part in the immersion retreat that we offer to visually-impaired individuals through the Vibravision Foundation. This Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to make Vibravision accessible to adults and children who cannot see. The goal is to assist these folks by helping them see the world with “new eyes.”

Mike came for one weekend for the inaugural Vibravision Immersion Retreat. He is the successful owner of Blind Tiger Martial Arts Academy and a high-ranking black belt in both Aikijujitsu and Kyokushinkai karate. Mike is really an amazing guy, who is a drummer in two bands, has been featured on the cover of USA Today, and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. His experience is truly inspiring. Please watch this video to learn more:

Vibravision Foundation Orientation Mobility Training

Our last video shows Mike early on in the training. This gives you a little idea of how the immersion event starts out. After some Vibravision training, Mike warms up by leading Tiffany Leblond through an obstacle course. It’s a short video so if you have half a minute, you should definitely check it out:

MP USA Offers Vibravision for Sighted, Blind, and Visually-Impaired Individuals

MP USA offers weekend, one-week, and one-month immersion retreats for the blind and seeing-impaired. These courses are all-inclusive. Participants learn sensing and implementation, breathing techniques, special meditations, power building exercises, and get an introduction to Vibravision. They are tested on what they learn, and at the end of the course, they get a certificate of completion. We provide all meals, transportation, and a bed in a double-occupancy hotel room.

Sighted individuals can also take part in weekly training. Semesters start each quarter. Before participating in the Vibravision program, students who can see must first engage in at least six months of training in our Wealth of Health or Athletic Adventure Program.

If after watching our Vibravision videos in Ogden, Utah you are interested in learning more or would like to sponsor a blind person’s participation in the program, contact MP USA today.

Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah

Blind Students are Developing Non-Visual Skills with Vibravision in Ogden Utah

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What if there was a way to help the blind easily find their way around their environment using only their senses? Shouldn’t this service be available to as many visually impaired individuals as possible? Fortunately, there is a program that allows people to observe their surroundings without the use of sight. And, with MP USA’s help, blind students are developing non-visual skills with Vibravision in Ogden Utah. Let’s take a closer look at this program.

What Is Vibravision?

For centuries, Merpati Putih was only available to members of the Indonesian Royal Family, their guards, and the army. Then, in the 1960s, it was given to the people so that they might protect themselves. Vibravision is just one of the Merpati Putih disciplines. Five MP members in East Jakarta began training in Vibravision in 1989. Mas Budi, one of the royal heirs to the MP knowledge performed the training and soon moved on to help blind individuals learn the skill.

Today, even Kopassus, the Indonesian Army’s Special Forces, learn Vibravision as part of their training to help with “seeing” at night. And, for decades, now, Vibravision has been used to help blind people find their way. This orientation and mobility method has revolutionized how visually impaired individuals interact with the natural world.

How MP USA Is Using Vibravision to Help the Blind

Vibravision first came to America in 1999 thanks to MP USA founders Nate and Mike Zeleznick. The trip was widely covered by the media. After the demonstration, the Zeleznick brothers went to work training in the art, and after years of practice, they were granted permission to teach Vibravision. Their studio, MP USA, is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can learn the discipline.

At MP USA, we help the blind and those who are losing their sight by awakening and enhancing perception through the use of Vibravision. We believe this practice has the ability to open up a new era of understanding of what the mind is capable of. This precise application of MP only available in Ogden, Utah has received validation from representatives at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, a state senator, blind people, optometrists, and a medical doctor.

When preparing this blog post, we talked to two blind students who had completed the immersion course. Both reported that Vibravision changed their lives and that it is much different from traditional non-visual skills. They are growing their spatial awareness and mobility as they practice on a regular basis. For instance, as they apply their mind’s eye to scan their space, they are finding it easier to find what they need, reach for car handles, move around, and locate door knobs.

How to Get Involved

There are three Vibravision courses available to blind individuals:

Weekend Introduction – If you are curious about seeing what Vibravision has to offer without committing to an immersion course, there is a 16-hour-long weekend course.

1-Week Immersion – Sight-impaired individuals receive food, lodging, a DVD of the event, a uniform, and certificate of completion in this course that takes place over five and a half days.

1-Month Immersion – This program perfects skills learned in the 1-Week Immersion and takes place every weekday for eight hours.

If you can see just fine but want to help visually-impaired people gain access to the benefits of Vibravision, we recommend donating, sponsoring, or starting a crowdfunding page for applicants through the Vibravision Foundation. This organization was founded to help blind individuals afford the Vibravision courses.

Blind students are developing non-visual skills with Vibravision in Ogden Utah. To learn more, contact MP USA today.

Blind Students are Developing Non-Visual Skills with Vibravision in Ogden Utah

3 Ways You Can Help and Support Blind Students at the Vibravision Foundation

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Vibravision is a part of Merpati Putih, the martial arts of the Indonesian Royal Family. It teaches individuals to rely on other senses besides sight to take in their surroundings. This makes it ideal for helping blind people find their way around. Unfortunately, Vibravision requires intensive teaching that is not cheap. If you would like to help visually impaired people develop a new way to navigate the world, check out these ways to support students at the Vibravision Foundation:

1. Direct General Donations

support blind students at the Vibravision FoundationThe Vibravision Foundation for the Blind was created to teach Vibravision techniques to visually impaired and blind individuals. They believe that Vibravision has the ability to greatly improve their lives. The Foundation exists to match donors with applicants for the program.

One method for supporting blind students is to make a direct general donation to the Vibravision Foundation on their website. Depending on the number of applicants in need of scholarships, the money you donate may be split up among several worthy individuals.

 2. Crowdfunding by Sponsoring an Applicant

support blind students at the Vibravision FoundationThe Vibravision Foundation has special crowdfunding resources for blind students. They encourage everyone who is applying for funding for their Vibravision courses to start a crowdfunding campaign. This is because they believe that this initiative will lead to a better, stronger learning experience.

If there is a specific blind person you’d like to see take the course, start a crowdfunding page. It takes less than five minutes. Once your page is approved, you can start sharing it on social media with family and friends to bring in more donations. The more creative you get, the more successful your campaign will be.

3. Install Solar Panels

support blind students at the Vibravision FoundatioThe first two ways to support students at the Vibravision Foundation probably made a lot of intuitive sense. But, how do solar panels help blind people afford tuition for Vibravision classes? Well, Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy has teamed up with the Vibravision Foundation to provide support for the blind.

For each solar sale, $100/kW will be donated to the Foundation. They offer solar plans that are no money down. And, they recommend that you act soon because, on November 15th, the net metering rules change, and homeowners will only get half of the benefits of solar power generation. Unless you are grandfathered in by signing up now. Located here in Ogden, Rocky Mountain offers a broad range of solar panels that are customized for the space, color, layout, and shape that works best for you aesthetically and financially.

You can get more information at this link or call Chris Harris at (801) 808-5827.

Vibravision Immersion Class for the Blind: November 4th-8th

We’ve found that the best way to learn Vibravision is to completely immerse blind individuals in the classes. Therefore, for a week, we thoroughly immerse the students in the practice and technique. The classes take place for eight hours per day Monday through Thursday and for three hours on Friday. All courses for the blind include a DVD of the event, food, certificate of completion, a uniform, and lodging. Our next immersion class is November 4th through the 8th. You can find more details here.

If you are a sighted individual who would like to use Vibravision to become more aware of your surroundings in the light and dark, we offer several different courses that begin during the first week of January, April, July, and October. You can also try an introductory class before you commit in March, June, September, and December. You can learn more here.

If you have any questions about the fascinating world of Vibravision, please feel free to contact MP USA today!

support blind students at the Vibravision Foundation