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Welcome to your Vibravision® Immersion Application.

Due to the proprietary Trade Secret information presented in Vibravision® courses, an application process is required in order to be accepted.  By paying your application fee, you are ready to begin that process.  The steps that all candidates must undergo are as follows:

  1. Pay the application fee.
  2. Complete the Application, Questionnaire and Background Check Docusign forms (emailed after payment processed).
  3. Submit a short (1-2 minute) selfie video introducing yourself, where you’re from, what interests you most about Vibravision® and your intended use of what you will learn.
  4. Complete steps #2 and #3 above and submit them, along with a copy of your Driver’s License or Passport, to  Videos and Driver’s License/Passport copies can be sent using to the email address above.

After all steps have been completed (and the background check is complete), we will then schedule a video meeting with our Vibravision® Admissions team and then notify you by email if you have been accepted into the program.  In the event that you apply for a Vibravision® Immersion event that is currently full, we will offer you (upon acceptance), a space in the next available Immersion Event.

Note: Application fee is non-refundable, and acceptance into the Vibravision® program is not guaranteed.  We will notify applicants that have been accepted as soon as possible so that travel arrangements can begin.  As well, the selfie video in Step #3 will not be used for any public or promotional purposes, unless authorized by applicant.  It is simply an “Introduce Yourself” video.

Thank you for your interest in Vibravision®.  We look forward to reviewing your application and helping you discover more of your mental capabilities.

Warmest Regards,

Nate and Mike Zeleznick

Founders, Vibravision®, LLC and The Vibravision® Foundation

Note: At this time we are only accepting U.S. citizens as students in the Immersion and Weekly classes.  We will notify all of our non-U.S. friends as soon as International training becomes available.  Please make sure to register your information on our Contact Us page so that you’ll be the first to know.




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