• MP USA M•B•S Remote Recharge Online Energy Class!

    Taught only within the Royal Family of Java, Indonesia for over 400 years, released to the Indonesian public in 1963, and finally brought to America in 1999 by Utah natives Nate and Mike Zeleznick, now YOU can experience the world of Inner Power, Meditation and Expanded Awareness that is the Merpati Putih system! Come join us for an introduction and workout where you will get cardio, stretching, energy development, energy sensing, and meditation all in only 50 minutes. Based on the full system of breathwork, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, electricity/energy building, meditation, extra-sensory awareness (Vibravision®), immune strengthening, and wellness practices handed down for centuries, and taught by Nate Zeleznick personally, this is NOT your normal online workout. Prepare to sweat, shed your stress, and feel the energy that you are. Welcome to the world of Merpati Putih. mp-usa.org vibravision.com vibravision.org (Vibravision Foundation for the Blind) Music credits: Tabatamania NCS
  • The origin of Vibravision in America

    Vibravision Founder Nate Zeleznick describing why Vibravision was brought to the U.S. for the benefit of both the Blind and Mind Communities.