“When can I come see it for myself?”

Vibravision® demonstrations are held for the general public at the MP USA Martial Arts and Energy Academy twice annually, in March and September.  As well, demonstrations are held at various events around Utah.  To come see Vibravision® on display,  simply register on the MP USA website to be kept up-to-date on upcoming demonstrations.

We apologize, but class drop-ins are not allowed as each class contains proprietary information, and students must be allowed to meditate and train in peace.

Professionals in the fields of Optometry, Ophthamology, Medicine, Orientation & Mobility, Neurology and Psychology are welcome to contact us to arrange private demonstrations and research.

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“What IS Vibravision®?”

Vibravision®, called Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih in Indonesia, translates to “The Merpati Putih Science of Vibration”.   It is a very specific meditation and energy work discipline unique to the Merpati Putih martial arts and fitness system that trains people, even if blind, to perceive the world around them accurately without the use of eyesight.  We’ve coined the term “Mindsight” to describe this.  From detecting the shape, color, size, direction of travel and composition of objects, reading printed or digital text, driving vehicles while blind or blindfolded, Vibravision® is a non-denominational, reproducible method of expanding our awareness where the mind is aware of much more than before.

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“Is Vibravision® a meditation class?”

Yes, very specifically-directed proprietary meditations are learned in all Vibravision® courses.  In addition to meditation techniques that unlock dormant abilities, the unique Merpati Putih energy-building and health system exercises are learned in order to balance the body, quiet the mind, improve physical health and increase sensitivity.

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“How can this possibly be real?”

The human mind is more powerful and capable than we realize.  For 19 years we’ve worked tirelessly to provide proof that Vibravision® is not only real, but reproducible as well.  We were highly skeptical until we saw blind people using Vibravision®. Demonstrations/evaluations have been done for Optometrists, Opticians, retired Ophthalmic Researchers from John’s Hopkins Research Center,  employees from The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, a Judge, numerous Celebrities, Journalists, a PhD in Radiative Energy Transfer, a professional magician who specializes in mentalism and blindfolded magic, and we have been endorsed by Dr. Jeff Wright NMD, the President of the Utah Assoc. of Naturopathic Physicians.  Dr. Wright has personally attended two (2) Vibravision® Immersions and you can see video testimonial here.  To that end, we have four (4) blind people from Phoenix, AZ who are learning this and are not hesitant in the least to share how Vibravision® is improving their lives.  Click here to see a testimonial by well-know blind adventurer Mike Armstrong and his experience.

In Indonesia, Vibravision® has been well-documented since the early 1990’s.  Training started with blind people, then sighted people, and today it is even used by their most elite commando paratroopers, called Kopassus, in active missions.  A major part of our mission is to bring Vibravision® to America as an additional non-visual skill for the blind community and have it be as commonplace as caning, guide dogs, and assistive technology.  We also look forward to helping our men and women in the Armed Forces to be more aware (especially when in dangerous situations), and better able to withstand the mental and emotional stresses that occur during (and after) combat.

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“What can I expect to learn in my first Vibravision® Immersion Course?”

The Level 1 Immersion will give you an introduction to Vibravision, how it works, proprietary energy development exercises that help increase the energy within the body (which have also been reported to have profound effects on overall health and wellbeing), meditations to start training the brain to use parts that, in most people, are dormant.  Most participants have reported “feeling” and “seeing” things in a different way than they ever thought possible after only a couple days.  Success breeds more success, and we do everything possible to ensure that our students have an amazing mind-blowing experience.

All of our Immersion courses include:

  • An Introduction to Vibravision®, it’s life-changing capabilities and the basic mechanisms that make it possible
  • Energy Building Exercises to increase the body’s electric charge
  • Specific Meditations that create inner calm and expanded awareness
  • Breathing Techniques that strengthen and balance the body
  • Sensing and Implementation exercises and practice
  • Food during training
  • Lodging
  • Uniform
  • Vibravision® training package including a Mindfold blindfold
  • Certificate of Completion (Note: this Certificate does not authorize participants to train others)
  • Access to the proprietary Vibravision® App (sold separately)
  • Access to the proprietary Vibravision® online meditation curriculum (sold separately)
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“What is the application process to attend a Vibravision® Immersion?”

Due to the uniqueness of the Vibravision® discipline and its proprietary Trade Secret material, acceptance requires a short application and approval process.  Here are the steps:

  1.  Complete the Vibravision® Application and Questionnaire (available soon)
  2.  Pay the $25 application fee, which will be used for your background check.
  3.  Submit your short (1-2 minute) selfie video introducing yourself, where you’re from and why you want to learn Vibravision®.
  4.  Once approved for training, you may pay for your Immersion Event and begin making flight arrangements to the Salt Lake International Airport, and from Salt Lake City to the MP USA/Vibravision Academy in Ogden, UT (about 35 minutes North of SLC).
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“What if I want to learn more than what is taught in Level 1?”

Good for you!  We have Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Vibravision® Immersion courses.  Each one builds upon the previous ones, and Level 4 is specifically for those who would like to begin teaching Vibravision® to others either at the MP USA/Vibravision Academy in Ogden, UT, or as a franchise owner in another location.

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“What kind of guarantee do you offer?”

Since every mind is different, and it is impossible to simply look at someone and know whether Vibravision® will be something they excel at, we can only guarantee that participants will learn the techniques that make Vibravision® possible.  Kind of like an art teacher can promise to teach someone how to paint, they cannot guarantee that that person will ever become a world-famous artist.  Vibravision is phenomenal, but it is NOT an instant phenomenon.  Like any skill, it requires diligent practice over time to master, and the benefits go far beyond only seeing without using eyesight.  Better usage of the entire brain, enhanced intuition, improved memory, more focused thought, and better overall health are only a few of the added benefits of Vibravision® training.

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“Will I be able to do all of the things I’ve seen on YouTube after my Immersion?”

Probably not.  Honesty is always the best policy.  The Vibravision® masters you may have seen rattling off colors they’re being presented, blocking things with a light saber, driving go-karts, running through obstacle courses, and shooting targets have diligently trained for years to develop that level of skill.  Just like a week of swimming lessons won’t enable you to swim like Michael Phelps, a 5-day Immersion won’t likely enable a person to go out and immediately start riding a bicycle through an obstacle course while blindfolded with much success.  True skill takes practice, time, determination and continued instruction.  Luckily, with Vibravision® a person can learn techniques, go home and continue to practice and refine them, come back to another Immersion, and learn more to take them to a new level.

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“How long will it take me to develop Vibravision?”

No one knows.  Just as some people are naturally adept at music, art, mathematics, etc., until a person attempts a skill, there’s no way to know if they have an aptitude for it or not.  Some people (especially children) seem to have Vibravision® “click” naturally, and off they go.  Others may take years to develop what would be considered “basic” abilities.  You never know until you try.

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“Do I need to have any particular religious or other beliefs in order to learn this?”

Absolutely not.  No prior beliefs are needed, nor are particular beliefs encouraged or discouraged.  The one and only thing we ask is that participants come with an open mind, and believe that they can learn to perceive more than they’re used to.  A closed mind is exactly that…closed.

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“Do you offer Vibravision® courses online?”

Unfortunately, no.  Since Vibravision® training is so intensive–for trainers as well as students–training in person is required.  As well, all Vibravision® material is proprietary and considered Trade Secret material.  All participants must complete our Application and Questionnaire, submit a short selfie video introducing themselves, agree to a background check and sign a strict Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).

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“I don’t live in the U.S.  Can I train in Vibravision®?”

At this time we are only offering Vibravision® training to U.S. citizens.  Due to the difficulty in enforcing Nondisclosure Agreements outside the U.S., our legal team has advised us to only train Americans for the time being until we can establish proper legal protection outside of the U.S.  We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have this remedied soon.

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“Do you offer Vibravision® training outside of Utah?”

Yes, in certain circumstances.  Offsite Immersion Events are available for groups and must be scheduled a minimum of three (3) months in advance.  If you have a group (minimum 15 people), please contact Teauhna at (866) 666-7872, Opt. 1 to start the process of scheduling a Vibravision® Immersion in your location.  U.S. locations only.

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