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The Amazing Science of Radiative Energy Transfer and Vibravision in Ogden Utah

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What do Fox 13’s Big Budah, University of Utah Ph.D. recipient Isaac Hunsaker and Phoenix resident Nicole Coyle have in common? The answer may surprise you. These people – each of them from very different places – have come together in our training facility to experience the amazing science of radiative energy transfer and Vibravision in Ogden Utah.

Big Budah is a journalist, who has featured MP USA on Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Hunsaker is a scientist, whose dissertation explores radiative energy transfer. Coyle is a blind student of Vibravision who lost her sight due to degenerative glaucoma and detached retinas. Now, Coyle says, she is learning to awaken hidden parts of her brain to “see.”

What Is Radiative Energy Transfer?

Vibravision Superpowers

Vibravision students, Lily Vu and Nicole Coyle pointing with their canes to colored bags on the floor after being asked to identify them.

“Radiation is the dominant mode of heat transfer in high-temperature combustion environments,” wrote Hunsaker, Thornock, Harman, and Smith (2013). “Radiative heat transfer affects the gas and particle phases, including all the associated combustion chemistry. The radiative properties are in turn affected by the turbulent flow field.”

Huh? We were grateful to find a less technical explanation of radiative energy transfer at Chegg.com, where it is defined more simply as the process by which energy transfers from one place to another in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The transfer takes place in three ways, the website explains, ”absorption of energy, emission of energy and scattering of energy.” One example of radiative energy transfer is the transfer of energy to the earth from the sun. Other examples include heat from a campfire, X-rays, microwave ovens and radio waves.

What Is Vibravision?

Vibravision is a unique Merpati Putih program that focuses on the development of heightened senses and intuition by opening your Third Eye, which is also known as the ajna (brow) chakra. With much practice, commitment and focus, our Vibravision students at MP USA can learn to perceive their surroundings without the use of their eyesight.

Some people compare Vibravision to having Jedi powers. Others recognize its significant benefits to the blind. “When you lose vision,” said Coyle, “it is more than traumatic, like you’re always in a state of loss…With Vibravision, you’re in the opposite state of mind. You’re not in a state of loss. You’re always in a state of gaining, and it’s a completely different thing – like I’m a different person now that I’m learning to get vision back.”

Vibravision originated in Indonesia and is used in military missions conducted by the country’s elite commando paratroopers. Its techniques have also been employed for decades in Indonesian search and rescue operations.

MP USA is privileged to be the only licensed and accredited Vibravision academy in North or South America, and we offer 5-day camps, immersion events, and weekly classes to help both sighted and non-sighted participants train their minds to develop these amazing skills.

What’s the Vibravision/Radiative Energy Transfer Connection?

Vibravision is much more than a meditative practice, self-mastery tool or superpower. It’s an example of radiative energy transfer that is gaining the attention and respect of scientists, doctors, and researchers worldwide. Believe it or not, Vibravision students can learn to recognize colors, navigate obstacles, shoot targets and even read without ocular vision. Vibravision can also improve orientation and mobility for the blind. Although it takes a lot of practice and development, many students will actually begin to see pictures in their mind’s eye.

As our Vibravision program becomes more well-recognized, we have been evaluated and endorsed by professionals in many fields, including medicine, business, journalism, and law. Thousands of spectators have witnessed our demonstrations, and we have earned the respect of optometrists, opticians, and advocates for the blind. As one of the country’s leading radiative energy transfer experts, Hunsaker gave us his personal endorsement.

“As a radiation expert, I know that every object that is above absolute zero in temperature emits radiation,” he said. “I also know that our bodies are full of photoreceptors, not just in our eyes but in our ears and skin. It is no surprise to me that our brains are capable of picking up radiation from the objects that surround us, even if our eyes are artificially or inherently blinded. Vibravision has been able to tap into those non-ocular photoreceptors and has created a fun yet professional environment for its students. Vibravision is real.”

Take a look at our demo video, and then come experience the amazing science of radiative energy transfer and Vibravision in Ogden Utah. Our next introductory classes take place September 5, 12, 19 and 26, and weekly training courses begin in October. For more information call (866) 666-7872 today.  

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Vibravision Superpowers

Develop your Jedi Powers by Opening your Third Eye

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Star Wars is the most popular movie franchise of all time. So, it’s only natural as we watch the films, whether it’s the time-tested original trilogy or the newer, more visually-mesmerizing flicks, that we wish we had Jedi powers, or “the Force.” What if we told you there was a way to tap into the Force-like ability to be able to sense your natural environment without the use of vision? Through Vibravision, you can come close to experiencing the skills of your favorite Jedi Master.

SaberQuest Was a Success!

If you read the MP USA blog regularly, you know that our Vibravision crew was preparing for a trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia to participate in SaberQuest. The event was this past weekend, and it was a total success!

SaberQuest is basically an event where participants can learn about how to use lightsabers to boost the mental, physical, and emotional abilities of people therapeutically. There were a whole host of workshops, demonstrations, competitions, and more. It was a blast!

Though the event was not specifically geared toward blind students, our Vibravision team showed the abilities – lightsaber and otherwise – that can be gained by both blind and sighted individuals. We participated in multiple demonstrations of ways to use Vibravision throughout the weekend. Our teams also had fun battling blindfolded with lightsabers against sighted opponents. Plus, we put on obstacle course and reading demos. We can tell you all about it, but you might get more from watching one of our demonstrations:

What Is Vibravision Anyway?

If you’re new to our blog, you may wonder how someone can use Vibravision in Ogden, UT to harness the powers of the Force. Essentially, MP USA teaches methods to “hack” the brain to create internal visual images from non-visual senses. Without the use of your eyes, you can see with Vibravision’s “Mindsight.” This is part of Merpati Putih (MP) and was developed centuries ago by the Indonesian Royal Family. Today, it is used by blind people, MP members, search and rescue personnel, and Indonesia’s elite commando paratroopers.

MP USA is the only school in the Western Hemisphere to teach Merpati Putih or Vibravision. In our time, we have had our fair share of doubters. Consequently, we are constantly having to demonstrate that Vibravision really works. You can see for yourself in the above video. However, we have also been evaluated and endorsed by several professionals, including opticians, medical doctors, optometrists, news reporters, and countless visually-impaired people.

Some of the skills Vibravision helps develop include shooting targets with accuracy, reading text, and detecting the color, direction of travel, shape, and distance of objects.

How You Can Develop Jedi-Like Powers

We begin our Vibravision courses for sighted people quarterly in January, April, July, and October. The monthly cost varies, but beginner classes are generally less than $100 per month. Classes are open to participants aged 10 and older, and they take place once a week. Before you can start Vibravision training, though, you must have trained in the Merpati Putih Meditation and Energy method for six months at least. This will ensure you are prepared for Vibravision classes.

If you are interested in learning what Vibravision is all about before committing, we recommend attending Energy Intro Classes. These are held on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm in March, June, September, and December. If you are reading this post the day it comes out (March 28th), you can head on down to MP USA to experience Vibravision in Ogden, UT tonight. Otherwise, our next intro classes will be in June.

If you are interested in learning more about developing Jedi power, contact MP USA today!

Jedi Powers

Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah

Check Out Our Vibravision Videos in Ogden Utah!

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What if you could see without your eyes? What if you could navigate dark rooms without the use of light? Imagine blind individuals being able to confidently navigate their surroundings without the use of a cane or trained dog. All of these scenarios are possible with Vibravision. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah.

Welcome to the World of Vibravision

Vibravision videos in Ogden UtahIn the 1960s, the Indonesian royal family gave the secret martial art of Merpati Putih to the Indonesian people. Vibravision comes from Merpati Putih. For decades, the blind people of Indonesia have used Vibravision to improve their mobility and orientation. Additionally, Kopassus, which is the elite military special forces in Indonesia, uses Vibravision instead of night vision equipment. Vibravision can potentially revolutionize human consciousness and open up a whole new world to blind individuals.

This video introduces you to how Vibravision helps you train your mind to do the “impossible”: seeing without your eyes. Instead of using your eyesight, you use mindsight. There are also several medical professionals, including optometrists and medical doctors, who validate the efficacy of the program. And, you can hear firsthand from blind people who have been helped by Vibravision. It’s particularly neat to see someone read a book without using their eyes.

It’s clear from the video that Vibravision allows you to see the world in a whole new way that goes beyond the five senses:

The Vibravision Foundation’s Immersion Retreat

In June, we had the opportunity to host Mike Armstrong. Mike is a blind person who lives in Arizona. He traveled up to Utah just to take part in the immersion retreat that we offer to visually-impaired individuals through the Vibravision Foundation. This Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to make Vibravision accessible to adults and children who cannot see. The goal is to assist these folks by helping them see the world with “new eyes.”

Mike came for one weekend for the inaugural Vibravision Immersion Retreat. He is the successful owner of Blind Tiger Martial Arts Academy and a high-ranking black belt in both Aikijujitsu and Kyokushinkai karate. Mike is really an amazing guy, who is a drummer in two bands, has been featured on the cover of USA Today, and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. His experience is truly inspiring. Please watch this video to learn more:

Vibravision Foundation Orientation Mobility Training

Our last video shows Mike early on in the training. This gives you a little idea of how the immersion event starts out. After some Vibravision training, Mike warms up by leading Tiffany Leblond through an obstacle course. It’s a short video so if you have half a minute, you should definitely check it out:

MP USA Offers Vibravision for Sighted, Blind, and Visually-Impaired Individuals

MP USA offers weekend, one-week, and one-month immersion retreats for the blind and seeing-impaired. These courses are all-inclusive. Participants learn sensing and implementation, breathing techniques, special meditations, power building exercises, and get an introduction to Vibravision. They are tested on what they learn, and at the end of the course, they get a certificate of completion. We provide all meals, transportation, and a bed in a double-occupancy hotel room.

Sighted individuals can also take part in weekly training. Semesters start each quarter. Before participating in the Vibravision program, students who can see must first engage in at least six months of training in our Wealth of Health or Athletic Adventure Program.

If after watching our Vibravision videos in Ogden, Utah you are interested in learning more or would like to sponsor a blind person’s participation in the program, contact MP USA today.

Vibravision videos in Ogden Utah